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Engaging in Argument

Many scientists spend their whole lives building evidence to determine whether something is true or not.  The difficult part of this is that it is nearly impossible to prove that something is true.  Instead, scientists use evidence to support the claims that they make.  The more evidence they have, the more likely their findings are to be held in high regard.  Of course, evidence can be interpreted differently, and this is why scientists must engage in arguments based on evidence.  

The ability to make a claim, support that claim with evidence, and then explain the reasons that the evidence supports the claim is a key part to becoming a successful scientist.  It is also a major focus in all classes for students at Lewis. The process of developing the Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning to create an argument looks different in different classes.  In science, this rubric is used to make sure students arguments are valid and professional.  


This rubric is used in full throughout the first and second semester.  Because it is a school-wide focus, much more time and attention are placed on this expectation early in the year.

Argument Rubric Snapshot1.JPG
Argument Rubric Snapshot2.JPG

(Click the image above for the most up-to-date version of this rubric)

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