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Here you can find the answer to many questions that students and parents have asked in the past.

  • Can I really redo any assignment or test?
    Abosolutely!!! All assignments can be redone, and all tests can either be retaken, corrected for points, or a second version of the test will be given. There will always be a way to show that you now understand what you were unable to show you understood the first time.
  • How long do I have for retaking of tests or resubmitting assignments?
    Technically, you have all year to make up assignments and tests. I will always accept and give feedback on work that is done. However, if you would like your work to be included in your grade, it needs to be submitted within one week after the unit of study ends. This allows me enough time to give your work the attention it deserves, while we are still learning these concepts. Exceptions to this rule can be made on a case-by-case basis, through a conversation with Mr. Crawford, but even if given extra time, all work must be submitted by one week before the end of the semester.
  • Why is your grading policy so weird?
    The goal of school should not be grades, but learning. Grades should measure learning, but often only measure how well you follow directions. This grading system is designed to measure how much you learn and to keep track of the growth you make along the way. The grade is a way of communicating what you still need to work on to meet the expectations, and the rubric is used to make those expectations clear. For a more detailed explanation, check out the Fluid Grading page.
  • How can I get the grade and rubric scores for a particular assignment?
    In PowerSchool, click on your science class. If you click the name of the assignment, you will get a detailed description of what is expected and when it is due. If you click on the score, you will see the comments I have written. These comments will tell you the score for each part of the rubric. The rubrics can be found in the pull down menu at the top of this website, or on the Understanding Rubrics page, or in google classroom when we reach that part of the year.
  • Why is my grade lower than what I am used to getting?
    With fluid grading, your grade reflects your current level of understanding. Some of the skills we will learn this year are complicated and take time to learn. The first time (or several times) you try to do something, you are likely to make mistakes. My job is to help you learn from these mistakes and point out ways to improve. As you do, your work improves and the grade improves. If you are used to getting A's and find yourself with a lower grade... DON'T WORRY!!! You will always have time to improve on something before the end of the grading period. Remember, your grade on any skill can go all the way from an F to an A when you resubmit one assignment, and I will give you very clear feedback as to what needs to be changed. The goal should not be getting the A, but gaining the understanding that you need to achieve an A.
  • How do I resubmit assignments?
    This depends on the assignment. If the assignment was given through Google Classroom, you can "Unsubmit", fix your mistakes or add to the work, then click "Submit" again. This alerts me through email that you have submitted it. If the assignment is part of your notebook, you won't need to resubmit, just make sure it is shared with me. Either way, make sure you are talking to me in person or emailing me at to tell me you have resubmitted so I don't miss it. If the assignment is on paper or something you have built, be sure to hand it to me directly. Never leave anything on my desk without talking to me, as things get lost if not put in the right place.
  • Why haven't I gotten feedback on an assignment I turned in?
    It is possible that I missed it. We all make mistakes. Please come and ask me about it, and I'll let you know if I missed it or just haven't gotten to it yet. Giving feedback to every student on every assignment takes time. I think it is really important to do this, but some types of assignments take longer to grade than others. For example, Argument essays will take several weeks to grade, but I try to get things back to you while they are still fresh in your mind, and you still have time to revise before the grading period ends. I am currently working on ways to make this process faster and more streamlined. If you have any suggestions as to how I can speed up the process, I am open to suggestions.
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