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Using Mathematics and Computational Thinking

They say that you can't truly understand biology without the chemistry to explain it;  you can't truly understand chemistry without the physics to explain it; and you can't truly understand physics without the math to explain it. 

The greatest discoveries in science have all been supported by math.  We use math to make sure the results of our investigations are valid, to share the results of our investigations, and to disprove the claims of other scientists.  Without math, science would be without reason.

Making decisions about which math problems will be the most helpful is not something that is done very often in middle school, so this may be pretty difficult for some students.  This is why it is so important that we start now.

The rubric shows what the expectations are for 8th graders in this class.  The first three rows (U-1, U-2, and U-3) are what is expected during the first semester, and student grades will reflect this.  During second semester, students will be held accountable for all six items on the rubric.

Math Rubric Snapshot.JPG

(Click the image above for the most up-to-date version of this rubric)

“We will always have STEM with us. Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away, but there will always be science, engineering, and technology. And there will always, always be mathematics.”
Katherine Johnson
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