Guidelines and Expectations for Distance Learning

Only through our connectedness to others can we really know and enhance ourselves.  And only through working on the self can we begin to enhance our connectedness to to others.

Harriet Lerner

I thought it would be nice to have a page for all the information you might need to know involving distance learning during school closures.  Please give me feedback if there is any information that I should add.


     I try to check email all day, but set aside time each morning before 9 am to respond to any emails I missed from the day before.  I get a lot of emails these days, so please be patient, but I generally respond in 24 hours or less during the week.

Google Classroom: All assignments and information  will be provided through Google Classroom.  I generally post things at the beginning of the week, but may add something on other days. You can access Google Classroom using the district ID and password.  Students without email can also send me a Private Message on Google Classroom, using the Private Message post in the  Classwork tab.

Zoom Office Hours: Mondays 10 - 11 am

                                Wednesdays 1 - 2 pm

    These meetings are not required, but available for students who prefer face-to-face help.  The information needed to access these meetings can be found on Google Classroom using the Office Hours post in the Classwork tab.


Student Expectations

The district is suggesting teachers provide four hours of work each week.  I will be providing two hours of new work each week, allowing an additional two hours for revisions, retakes, and missing assignments, as well as any communication with the teacher through email or office hours. 


There will be no deadlines to turn in assignments.  I will take anything a student does from before or during the school closures until the end of the year.  I just want students to do what they can, when they can, and learn as much as their lives will allow in these strange times.

Assignments and Grading

Students will keep an online notebook using Google Slides, as we have done all year.  Instructions for this will be given on Google Classroom.  Most work we do will be kept in the notebook.  The notebook itself will not be graded, but there will be certain pages that will be used to determine grades.

Students will be watching videos I have recorded to explain the work. I will also explain the work in writing.  They will do the work in their notebooks.  This work will include Asking Questions, Drawing/Building Models, Analyzing Data, Constructing Explanations, and Engineering (some very simple engineering).  As we have done all year, Rubrics will be used to grade these assignments.


Tests will be given to determine how well students are understanding. However, as some students have a different testing environment at home, the tests will not affect students' grades.  


Every assignment can be revised and resubmitted for a regrade, as often they would like.  This includes assignments from before and during the school closure. 

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